Texas Historical Commission opens submissions for 2023 undertold marker program

The Texas Historical Commission is currently accepting applications for its undertold historical marker program, intended to address historical gaps, promote diversity of topics, and proactively document significant underrepresented subjects or untold stories.

From October 1 to November 15, the THC will accept nominations for this year’s undertold round. The criteria for evaluating applications include: ability of the topic to address gaps in the THC historical marker program; value of the topic as an undertold or untold aspect of Texas history; endangerment level of property, site or topic, and the contribution of a marker toward its preservation; historical or architectural significance; historical or architectural integrity; relevance to the statewide preservation plan and other THC programs; potential CHC assistance and availability of existing documentation; and diversity among the group of candidates.

An undertold marker application requires less initial information than a regular application. Applicants must submit at least 250 words about the topic, a few suggested sources for research, and a proposed location where the marker would be placed.

Any individual or group can submit an undertold topic, and there is no application fee. If selected, a topic will receive a free historical marker.

The undertold marker web page at thc.texas.gov/undertold has an interactive map and a list with dozens of undertold marker topics. Visitors to the site will find significant individuals, buildings, communities and sites that tell important stories in the arts, civil rights, education, engineering, immigration, medicine, military topics, sports and  more.

Application forms and submission guidelines can be found at thc.texas.gov/undertold.