Texas Revolution and Republic Historic Sites Passport

Visit Revolution and Republic Historic Sites and Collect Stamps for a Special Gift.A promotional image for the red Texas State Historic Sites passport

Texas’ mid-1800s history is brimming with valor, tragedy, and victory. Trace the tracks of the Texas Revolution and the republic era where major battles occurred, independence was forged, and soldiers and their families lived. Experience the epic story of legendary Texans and their quest to form a new nation. These state historic sites are featured in the Texas Independence Trail Region

When you visit a participating state historic site listed below, pick up your free copy of our Revolution and Republic Historic Sites Passport. Take this passport on your journey to Texas’ independence, Revolution, and republic-era historic sites. Stamps are available at participating historic sites’ admission desks or museum stores. Once you have collected stamps from all participating state historic sites, visit any of their museum stores for a special gift.  

Admission and tour fees apply. 

Participating Texas Independence and Republic Sites: 

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Although there are no stamps available at these sites, we encourage you to visit and experience the history of the Republic of Texas.