Texas Main Street Program FAQ

Historic buildings in Gonzales Main Street district.

Skim these frequently asked questions about the Texas Main Street Program. Then, read through the other Main Street webpages on this website to learn more about the program, its participants, and The Main Street America Approach™.

Q: How do I obtain additional information about the application process?

A: Visit the Becoming a Main Street Community webpage to learn about ongoing changes to the program entry process. 

Q. We have a downtown revitalization program in our town but are not an official Main Street city. Can we call our program "Main Street"?

A: No, the National Main Street Center has a trademark on the term "Main Street" and "Mainstreet." Texas cities must be selected through the Texas Main Street Program application process before using either of those terms.

Q. My city cannot hire a full-time Main Street manager. Can we hire someone part-time or can a volunteer do the job?

A: Volunteers are a critical component of Main Street, but effective downtown revitalization requires staff members. Volunteers alone cannot maintain and grow the effort. Main Street communities must have a full-time paid manager and may find the need for more support as the program grows. 

Q. If my city does not have a street named "Main" can we still apply?

A: Yes! Some communities have a street with in the district that is named, "Main Street," but others do not. The local program, along with TMSP staff, define boundaries for a Main Street district that identifies the historic downtown commercial core, along with room for growth in select adjacent commercial areas. 

Q. Does the Main Street program award grants?

A: No, Main Street is a self-help program. In Texas, Main Street programs receive most of their funding from local government. Many programs also seek out additional funding to supplement their budget and boost their impact. Please see this Funding a Local Program document for more information.


Visit the Texas Main Street Program main page to learn more about program parameters.