Week 1: Lessons from Snake Woman

Snake Woman gorget by Caddo artist Chase Kah Win Hut Earles

This lesson introduces Snake Woman’s garden through story and the connection of the four elements of life to the growth needs of plants. Click here to read about this weeks theme.

Story Time 

Gather around to hear the Caddo story Snake Woman Who Distributes the Seeds. 

Kitchen Time 

Investigate Native American food sources using your five senses. 

Garden Time 

Come take a tour of Snake Woman’s Garden and learn how to respect the space and the living beings that call it home and how to help those beings grow. 

Level Two Activity

Projects and Games 

Get creative and start a garden journal to keep track of all your garden adventures. 

Learn Caddo 

How do I say? Learn a few words in the Caddo language. 

In Your Home Garden

Join us and get your hands dirty where you are rooted.

Keep Exploring

Inspired by this week’s teachings? Check out these resources to keep exploring. 

Extension Activity (If you can make it out to Caddo Mounds this spring)