Post Oak CHC--Promoting the CHC Event

Post Oak County Historical Commission (CHC) is a fictional organization in a fictional county. Texas Historical Commission (THC) staff created Post Oak County as a teaching tool and reference for Texas CHCs. We present this fictional information in a variety of ways to provide general guidance to CHCs. Our hope is that the examples, which highlight common organizational challenges, will help Texans develop stronger CHCs.

Promoting a CHC Event

Here at the Post Oak CHC, we are starting to plan a Texas Independence Day celebration. We want our event to engage the community, so we are creating opportunities to connect with the public and asking them to participate in the planning process.

The past few CHC events have drawn the same loyal crowd. We are grateful for their support, but we would like to expand our audience. Attracting younger county residents is a goal for this upcoming Texas Independence Day celebration.

We hope that by using social media to publicize the event, we will attract a larger audience, including younger residents. This publicity approach will also peak the community's interest by starting an online conversation about Texas Independence Day, and prime residents for the official event announcement when the details will be made public. Below are our drafts for social media (Twitter and Facebook) and an email we will send out to our contact list.


Using Twitter

Twitter posts are limited to 140 characters because of this limitation Twitter is ideal for short and timely information. Conversations are organized by hashtags (i.e., #). When you use a hashtag, the phrase becomes a hyperlink connecting you to all the comments that previously used that hashtag.


Using Facebook

Facebook posts are not limited in length, which allows for a greater amount of detail; however, your post will likely be overlooked if it is too long. Create a post that asks the public to leave a comment on your Facebook page. To make sure you review all of the responses, you'll need to check the comment section under the post, as well as your Facebook page timeline. Always try to include a photo with each Facebook post to add interest.


Using Email

Grab the readers' attention in the subject line of the email. Keep the email concise to strengthen your request, and separate different thoughts with a new paragraph. Encourage the reader to visit your social media pages by including links to those web pages in your email. Assign one CHC appointee to track the email responses and reply to each response, if only to let the sender know you appreciate his/her participation.

Subject: How do you celebrate Texas Independence Day?


Dear Post Oak County Residents,


On Texas Independence Day, we want to celebrate the history and achievements of our great state and county. Help us plan the perfect event!


Our home, Post Oak County, has a vibrant history dating back to the Kiowa and Mescalero Apache Indian tribes. Throughout the years, Post Oak residents have contributed to the development and vitality of our state.


Let us know how you celebrate Texas Independence Day by replying to this email, or by leaving a comment on our social media sites, Twitter and Facebook.


We will be sharing your comments on our Facebook page leading up to the festivities on March 2, 2015. Also, be sure to regularly check your email inbox and our website for more details about the event as they become available.


Thank You,


Post Oak County Historical Commission


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