Post Oak County Historical Commission

Post Oak County Historical Commission is a fictional organization in a fictional county. Texas Historical Commission (THC) staff created Post Oak County as a teaching tool and reference for Texas CHCs. We present this fictional information in a variety of ways to provide general guidance to CHCs. Our hope is that the examples, which highlight common challenges, will help Texans develop stronger CHCs.

What We're Up To in Post Oak County!

Post Oak CHC is not the only CHC celebrating Texas Independence Day. 

Click Here to see what other CHCs are planning. 

Review our articles below under "Post Oak CHC Independence Day Event Updates" to learn about planning and promoting any CHC event. 


Post Oak CHC Independence Day Event Updates 

Post Oak CHC--Promoting the CHC Event

Post Oak CHC--Responding To Your Audience

Post Oak CHC--Partnering for Event Success

Post Oak CHC--Media Kit


Here at the Post Oak CHC, we are in the beginning stages of planning a Texas Independence Day celebration. We want our event to engage the community, so we are creating opportunities to connect with the public and asking them to participate in the planning process. - See more at:

Post Oak CHC Working Documents

Annual Report

2014 Post Oak CHC Annual Report (submitted in January 2015)

Promotional Material:

  • Marker Dedication Program Template (coming soon)
  • Marker Dedication Press Release (coming soon)

THC Applications:

  • Historic Texas Cemetery Application—Pleasant Hill Cemetery (coming soon)

Marker Narratives: The documents below show the good work Post Oak CHC appointees have accomplished over the last few years. We've done our research and submitted the following narratives with our applications for Official Texas Historical Markers. THC has assured us that the accuracy of our history narratives and bibliographies are exactly what is required to get us through the marker process in a timely manner!


Post Oak CHC Business Archive (coming soon)

Budget 2014    

Post Oak CHC Plan 2013/2014                                                

Meeting Agenda 10.01.2014

Meeting Minutes 10.01.2014