Funds for the care of historic cemeteries can be challenging to obtain. However, funding is a key component in preserving cemeteries, since much of the restoration and maintenance of gravemarkers and cemetery structures can be costly.

Gifts and funding opportunities typically come from local resources. The following are a few suggestions:

  • Form a cemetery association, adopt bylaws, and consider obtaining nonprofit status.
  • Solicit donations from descendants of the deceased buried in the cemetery.
  • Research bank records for unused trust funds designated to maintain specific graves.
  • Request assistance from county commissioners courts, city councils, and County Historical Commissions. Though they may not be able to allocate funds, they may be able to use county or city equipment and personnel to maintain cemeteries for health and safety reasons.
  • Request donations from area businesses, including funeral homes and monument companies. Businesses often look for ways to give back to the community.

Establish a trust fund for the care of the cemetery with the money collected. Standard community fundraising activities, such as bake and rummage sales and silent auctions, can help raise money for priority projects identified in a cemetery preservation plan.