Continuing education is the foundation of a strong historic preservation program. It's important that the people involved in administering a community's program  – historic preservation officers, commissioners, city and county staff, CLG committee members, etc.  – are informed on current historic preservation issues, commission or committee operations, and technical issues. Access to regular training opportunities is a benefit available to cities and counties participating in the CLG Program.

The CLG Program provides a range of educational resources, including:

  • CLG Program staff can come to your CLG community to lead tailored trainings for preservation commissioners, city and county staff, or elected officials. Topics may include CLG Program requirements, role of the historic preservation commission, CLG grants, design review and the Secretary of the Interior's Standards, designations at the local, state, and federal level, etc. 
  • The CLG Program organizes periodic regional trainings, often in partnership with the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions and other partner organizations
  • CLG staff periodically host virtual webinars
  • Our CLG Reference Center offers online educational resources on preservation-related topics relevant to local governments:
    • Preservation Boot Camp was developed to provide continuous, on-demand preservation training to help anyone interested in their community's history understand how preservation works
    • Building a Strong Preservation Program helps historic preservation officers, Main Street managers, landmarks commissioners, and others learn about historic preservation best practices at the local level.

To inquire about training for your CLG community, please contact The CLG Program shares information with participating communities on upcoming educational opportunities through our CLG listserv. The listserv is managed by the Texas Historical Commission and is available to historic preservation officers and staff from our CLG communities. Please contact us if you are a historic preservation officer or work to administer your CLG's preservation program and would like to be added to the listserv.

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  • Commission Assistance and Mentoring Program (CAMP) Training in Paris, Texas