CHC Appointee Updates

CHC appointments are political appointments made by county commissioners courts to preserve historic cultural resources. Practically speaking, CHC appointments are volunteer, professional commitments to represent the county’s interests related to historic and cultural heritage. We encourage county officials to appoint/reappoint individuals who have the knowledge and skills to perform successfully. Appointments should take place even though the current pandemic may require that appointees shift the focus of their service to some degree.

Copy of appointment reminder packet below. 

Comments on CHC service during pandemic here 

Click here to visit the Texas Attorney General's website for Open Meetings COVID updates and a How-To for conducting open meetings remotely. 

Photo: Lubbock CHC appointees accept a Distinguished Service Award certificate during commissioners court. 

Appointments for 2021-2022 Term of Service

County commissioners courts are directed to provide CHC appointee updates in January of odd-numbered years as per the Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 318. The Texas Historical Commission (THC) uses this contact information to discuss specific historic resources, promote educational opportunities for CHCs, and to fulfill our agency's statutory duties to provide advisory support to CHCs. 

County judges were mailed an appointment reminder packet on November 1st. A copy of the November 2020 packet is provided here for your reference. This packet included the following:

At right, Fort Bend CHC appointees accept a Distinguished Service Award certificate during commissioners court.

Submitting CHC Appointee Rosters

Please use the following template to create a CHC appointee roster. Counties should submit an updated roster by the beginning of each term of service, usually January of odd-numbered years to align with state statutory directive. CHCs should verify appointee contact information on a regular basis, perhaps at each commission meeting, and update the roster when needed. 

CHC Appointee Roster Template 

Please submit rosters in this excel format (rather than Microsoft Word or PDF documents) so that roster spreadsheets from all 254 CHCs can be merged electronically.

  • All appointee contact updates should be made by editing the CHC's roster spreadsheet.
  • Provide the contact information (names, addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses) on the roster.
  • Email completed/updated roster to
  • If you send miscellaneous updates to the THC, you will be directed to make those changes on the CHC's roster and then submit the updated roster to our office.

Tom Green CHC maintains a constructive working relationship with county officials, ensuring completed appointee rosters are submitted on time. 


Updates for CHC chair or marker chair are special. 


Please notify the THC of these changes as soon as possible, so that we maintain communication with the appropriate representatives for each county. CHC rosters are saved to our agency servers for reference but chair contact information is entered into our agency database. This requires specific notification of chair contact information updates. 

Questions about CHC Appointment Process

General Inquiries. Questions concerning the CHC appointment process should be directed to CHC Outreach Specialist, Nano Calderon, using or by calling 512.463-9052.

Submission Tracking. County offices frequently ask about a county's track record for CHC activity. For this reason, our office began tracking CHC appointee roster submission tracking in 2007. Tracking as of November 1, 2020, provided here

Bylaw Directives. Most CHCs have bylaws but the degree to which a set of bylaws have "teeth" depends on the content, its radification process, and how county government views validity of document. Regardless, please check with CHC to see if bylaws direct existing appointees to provide a list of potential appointees to the commissioners' court.  

Supplemental Information for County Officials and CHCs

Below is a list of supplemental documents created by THC's CHC Outreach Program for county officials. These documents may help provide more information on responsibilities associated with CHCs.

  • Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 318 -- This link takes you to the state statute that enables counties to establish CHCs. 
  • Sample request for appointment provided by the Tom Green CHC -- This document enables those interested in a CHC appointment to share a bit of information about their interest and skills, so that the county commissioners court can make informed decisions and the CHC will know how best to assign/suggest work for incoming appointees. 


More about CHC reporting responsibilities here. 

More about CHC appointee responsibilities here

CHC orientation material provided here