CHC Game Changers

The CHC Outreach Program has assembled information and case studies that demonstrate the best of what CHCs accomplish—innovative ways CHCs promote and preserve their community’s cultural heritage. This information was gathered with CHCs in mind; however, any organization will benefit from these examples and recommendations. Use this material to improve your local preservation efforts!

Below links target particular interests of CHCs and other organizations.

Pictured: Montgomery CHC Youth Advisory Board. Courtesy of Montgomery CHC.

Dynamic CHC Partnerships

See exponential improvements in CHC programming by partnering with a broad range of organizations. These partnerships expand the human and financial resources available to CHCs, as well as, diversify the audience for CHC events and educational activities. The following webpage explores the importance of improving partnerships and examples of dynamic CHC partnerships. Click here.

Proactive and Progressive CHCs

CHC Game Changers are high-performing organizations that change the way communities value CHCs and preservation--CHC accomplishments are an investment in Texas’ future!

We have assembled excerpts from 2013 CHC annual reports to illustrate how CHC efforts benefit the county and contribute to the character of our state. These excerpts are grouped by theme and can be accessed by clicking on the links provided below.

Strategies. These excerpts demonstrate how CHCs layer efforts in order to leverage relationships and opportunities. These are proactive groups--they ask, invite, encourage, follow-up, and follow-through. These CHCs connect to larger efforts in order to broaden their audience and the impact of their work.

Education. These excerpts show CHCs that understand the importance of expanding appointee knowledge of local and state history, while providing opportunities to share that knowledge with the public. These CHCs seek out and include professionals in CHC activities to bring a level of sophistication and expertise to educational programming.

Influence. These excerpts highlight CHCs who change the way people view preservation by developing relationships that  connect individuals and organizations to the benefits that come from preservation activity.


More recommendations for CHC planning and growth located here