Publications for County Historical Commissions

The Texas Local Government Code Chapter 318 instructs the Texas Historical Commission (THC) to "make orientation materials and training available" to County Historical Commissions (CHCs). To fulfill this statutory responsibility, THC staff creates and compiles information on history and preservation related topics.

CHC educational material is provided on this website, and you can find commentary on just about any topic related to CHCs.  Use the search box above and use the weblinks featured below. 

Former CHC Handbook--Now THC Recommendations Packet

The 2010 CHC Handbook has been replaced by a document called, THC Recommendations for CHCs, which is supplemented by educational material on this website.Use this website as an online handbook--search for topics and become familiar with the webpages that feature CHC-specific content. We no longer print formal handbooks; however, those who prefer hardcopy can print preferred pages.

CHC Outreach staff prepared an orientation presentation, "Role of a CHC Appointee," that is located on the CHC Appointee Orientation Content webpage. In keeping with that presentation, we suggest that CHCs begin appointee orientation with an examination of statutory expectations for CHCs, and branch out to review the recommendations provided by THC staff.

The orientation content webpage also highlights additional web material that comments on a CHC's organizational structure and publications on organizational excellence. You'll notice that the body and bottom of each CHC-specific webpage provide web links to related information. Use these webpages to begin your journey through the educational material and information provided for CHCs on the THC website. 

Publications that Encourage CHC Planning and Productivity

Here are additional weblinks to material that will help CHCs improve preservation understanding and organizational performance. 

  • The Medallion is the THC's official quarterly magazine containing news and advice about preservation activity across the state. We've culled particularly helpful articles and grouped them by topic. 
  • CHC articles from the Medallion and from the CHC listserv.

Special Subjects that Inform CHC Efforts

CHC Outreach Program staff work with other THC staff to identify preservation issues that are specific to CHCs and THC initiatives that impact CHCs. Below are links to educational material related to these issues, which includes recommendations to address related challenges.

  • Review and Compliance for CHCs––This web page features statutes and regulations that deal with cultural resources, and direct you to the THC staff members assigned to provide guidance on these matters.
  • Historic Bridges in Texas––Information compiled by THC historians, in cooperation with the Texas Department of Transportation and the Historic Bridge Foundation.
  • Rosenwald Schools––Rosenwald Schools represent an important chapter in Texas history; this reference material is featured courtesy of the THC's National Register Coordinator, Gregory Smith. 
  • Post Oak CHC––Fictional CHC created by CHC Outreach staff to demonstrate practical dos and don’ts for CHCs. Featured links address event promotion, partnering, and marker narratives. 

CHC Brochure

CHCs requested that the THC create a publication to use in local outreach and partnering efforts to explain a CHC's purpose and connection to the THC.

In response to this request, CHC Outreach Program staff produced the first CHC Brochure, updating the publication in 2012 and again in 2019. The brochure covers the mission of CHCs, the appointment process, and notable highlights of CHC efforts across the state. 

CHC brochures are provided in a digital format so that CHCs throughout Texas can print copies and use to promote the importance of their contributions. If able, CHCs should produce their own brochures that highlight overall efforts or an outstanding annual effort.

Use these brochures to increase visibility for local preservation efforts and to recruit new appointees!

At right are images of the front and back of the 2019 tri-fold brochure. A high-resolution copy of this brochure is provided below, along with copies of the 2010 and 2012 brochures. Note: Each brochure features a different set of CHC projects and THC's logo has changed over time. 

  • 2019 CHC Brochure here.
  • 2012 CHC Brochure here.
  • 2010 CHC Brochure here.