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Crossroads: Change in Rural America

Crossroads examines the impacts of the population shift from rural to urban areas in the U.S. during the last century, as well as the importance of preserving small towns for their unique culture, history, and economic revitalization opportunities.

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2024–25 Texas Tour Dates

Tour Stop 1:                August 24–October 6, 2024
Tour Stop 2:                October 12–December 1, 2024
Tour Stop 3:                December 7, 2024–January 19, 2025
Tour Stop 4:                January 25–March 9, 2025
Tour Stop 5:                March 15–April 27, 2025
Tour Stop 6:                May 3–June 15, 2025
Tour Stop 7:                June 21–August 2, 2025




Exhibit Specifications 


Crossroads consists of six free-standing kiosks with one interactive digital kiosk. The exhibition takes up 750 square feet, and you will need a minimum ceiling height of 8 feet to install the exhibition. You will need two extension cords and access to electricity in sections two, five, and six. Cord covers are provided with the exhibition, but you will need to provide your own extension cords.

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