Travel Guide Sites in Austin

Preservation Scholar intern Sydney Andrea Landers, a Master's of Historic Preservation candidate at UT Austin, selected Austin as her town (Summer 2019). These are the sites that she researched for her poster:

  • Dr. Beadie Eugene Connor, 607 San Jacinto St (extant)
  • Deaf, Dumb and Blind Institute, Bull Creek Rd between 38th and 45th Sts (demolished)
  • Dentist Everett H. Givens, 419 1/2 E 6th St (extant)
  • Harlem Theatre, 1800 E 12th St (burned down)
  • King Funeral Home, 1107 E 6th St (extant)
  • Southern Dinette, 1010 E 11th St (extant)
  • Mrs. W. M. Tears Tourist Home, 1203 E 12th St (demolished)
  • Victory Grill, 1104 E 11th St (extant)

For a larger image: Austin poster