Travel Guide Sites in San Antonio

Intern Yumeng 'Lulu' Liu, a Master's of Historic Preservation candidate at the University of Oregon, chose San Antonio as her community (Fall 2020). These are the sites that she explored for her poster: 

  • Lawyer Harry Bellinger, 608 1/2 E Commerce St (demolished)
  • NAACP Harry V. Burns, 423 Belmont St (extant)
  • Carter Undertaking Company, 601 N Center St (extant)
  • Hicks Beauty Shop, 1515 E Houston St (demolished)
  • Keyhole, 1619 W Poplar St (extant)
  • Life Saver Grill, 824 E Commerce St (demolished)
  • Majestic Theatre, 230 College St/Houston St (extant)
  • Newspaper Register, 207 N Center St (demolished)
  • Dr. Charles Austin Whittier, 928 E Crockett St (extant)

For a larger image: San Antonio poster 1

Preservation Scholar intern Mónica Palacios, a Master's of History candidate at the University of Texas at San Antonio, picked San Antonio as her city (Summer 2021). These are the eight resources that she investigated for her poster:

  • Avalon Grill, 509 1/2 E Commerce St (demolished)
  • Catholic Interracial Council, 1739 Clower St (extant)
  • DeLuxe Hotel, 628 E Commerce St (extant)
  • Dunbar Hotel, 401 N Center St (demolished)
  • Fred Brock American Legion Post No. 428, 2000 E Commerce St (extant)
  • Mamie's Restaurant, 1833 E Houston St (extant)
  • R&B Hotel/Ross Hotel, 126 N Mesquite St (demolished)
  • Woodlake Country Club, 3667 New Sulphur Springs Rd/Roland Rd (demolished)

For a larger image: San Antonio poster 2