Bankhead Highway Maps

The Bankhead Highway went through many towns on its way through Texas. As nice as it would be for a single definitive route for any historic highway to exist, please be aware that the evolution of any road system was and continues to be subject to change; this was particularly common in the very early stages of new highways due to the very competitive nature of counties and communties vying for the new named highways to come through their areas. Official alignments for specific highways often changed quickly in the early years. Different sets of maps often presented conflicting information. Mapmakers sometimes followed maps of other mapmakers, thereby perpetuating the same information, including any errors. It is also possible that mapmakers jumped the gun and printed maps based on proposed alignments, rather than what was actually approved and constructed. There are several alignments of the Bankhead. These various routes are depicted on the town maps below.

Segments along the Bankhead Highway

Towns along the Bankhead Highway