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Historic Bankhead Highway Mobile App Tour

Have some fun on your next Bankhead Highway trip -- whether it's from your comfy armchair at home or on the road in your automobile. Download the Historic Bankhead Highway mobile tour to watch narrated videos of sites along this historic road, listen to the Bankhead Highway song called "Road Trip" or check out the historic sites from Texas border to Texas border while you plot your next road tour. Go to the Texas Time Travel website for all this and more.



Bankhead Highway Calendar of Events

To see what local events are being held on the Bankhead Highway, please see the Texas Time Travel Bankhead Highway Calendar.  For other events and activities in Texas, go to the Texas Time Travel Events Calendar page.




The Faces and Places of the Bankhead Highway Video Contest

In celebration of this centennial year of the Historic Bankhead Highway, The Faces and Places of the Bankhead Highway video contest aims to promote the cultural and architectural heritage of the Historic Bankhead Highway in Texas. We invite filmmakers—from the novice to the seasoned professional—to adventure along the route of the Bankhead Highway across Texas and capture travel experiences that embody Texas’ earliest infatuation with car culture and the romance of the open road. To see the video entries, click on this YouTube's Bankhead Highway Inspiration Videos link. To learn more about contest prizes, rules, and the entry submission process, visit Film Freeway. The contest is open until August 8, 2016.

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