Application Process

Historic Texas Highways Signage Process

After The Application Has Been Approved by THC and TxDOT-ENV:

The following steps show the TxDOT process for requests regarding historic highway signage.

  1. TxDOT-TRF receives and reviews sign plans with proposed locations and sign designs.
  2. TxDOT-TRF requests the TxDOT District Office to review locations in the field and report back to TxDOT-TRF with approval or revision/adjustments to sign locations.
  3. TxDOT-TRF finalizes and approves sign plan, sign designs, content, and locations.
  4. TxDOT District Office executes necessary agreements.
    1. The County must sign a Historic Roads & Highways Program Sign Agreement (Sign Agreement) with the TxDOT District Office.
      • The Sign Agreement should be executed after all involved parties agree to the final set of sign plans and sign designs.
      • The Sign Agreement must be signed by a county representative who has the authority to enter into a binding agreement on the County's behalf.
      • The Sign Agreement itemizes any tangible item or service of value either installed on TxDOT property/ROW or given to TxDOT.
        • The cost of the Historic Texas Highway sign is $675, includes fabrication and installation by TxDOT.
      • The Sign Agreement delineates future maintenance responsibilities.
    2. Typically, the City does not need to sign a Sign Agreement as it already has a Municipal Maintenance Agreement (MMA) with TxDOT in place.
      • However, if the City does not have a MMA with TxDOT, the City would need to sign a Sign Agreement like a County.
      • The city does not need to report the costs of sign fabrication and/or sign installation.