Application Process

Historic Texas Highways Signage Process

After The Application Has Been Approved by THC and TxDOT-ENV:

The following steps show the TxDOT process for requests regarding historic highway signage.

  1. TxDOT-TRF receives and reviews sign plans with proposed locations and sign designs.
  2. TxDOT-TRF requests the TxDOT District Office to review locations in the field and report back to TxDOT-TRF with approval or revision/adjustments to sign locations.
  3. TxDOT-TRF finalizes and approves sign plan, sign designs, content, and locations.
  4. TxDOT District Office executes necessary agreements.
    1. The County must sign a Historic Roads & Highways Program Sign Agreement (Sign Agreement) with the TxDOT District Office.
      • The Sign Agreement should be executed after all involved parties agree to the final set of sign plans and sign designs.
      • The Sign Agreement must be signed by a county representative who has the authority to enter into a binding agreement on the County's behalf.
      • The Sign Agreement itemizes any tangible item or service of value either installed on TxDOT property/ROW or given to TxDOT.
        • The cost of the Historic Texas Highway sign will vary depending on TxDOT district and number of signs ($500-1,200), includes fabrication and installation by TxDOT.
      • The Sign Agreement delineates future maintenance responsibilities.
    2. Cities with Municipal Maintenance Agreement (MMA) with TxDOT may fabricate and install their own signs with TxDOT district approval of the sign locations, mounts, hardware, etc. As the MMA already addresses signs installed and maintained by the city, there is no need for the city to sign the Historic Roads and Highways Program Sign Agreement.
    3. Cities without Municipal Maintenance Agreement (MMA) and all Counties must sign the Historic Roads and Highways Program Sign Agreement and pay TxDOT for sign fabrication and installation. If the sign funding is coming from a third party, the third party pays the City or County, and then the City or County issues payment to TxDOT.
      • The applicant should contact the local TxDOT district office to get pricing for the signs (fabrication, installation, and materials). Cost per sign will vary by TxDOT district based on county, number of signs, and other variables (approximately $500-1,200 per sign). The TxDOT price quote correspondence should be included with the application.
      • To locate your TxDOT district office, go to the TxDOT Districts website.

Funding must be secured prior to submission of the application. Currently, there is no funding available from the THC or TxDOT. The applicant is responsible for providing funding for the sign fabrication and installation. An explanation of the funding source(s) should be included with the application. A Historic Roads and Highways Program Sign Agreement will need to be signed by the county entity after the application has been approved by the THC and TxDOT.