Bridge, College St, Sulphur Springs

Address: Bridge, College St, Sulphur Springs

Date: Exactly 1935

Historic Uses: Bridge

National Register of Historic Places: Individually Eligible, Contributing to a District

Previous Designations: National Register Eligible (Indiv.)

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TxDOT Structural ID#: 011130B00185001 This bridge is a two-span concrete flat slab structure resting on concrete supports. The bridge has a total length of 31' and carries two lanes of traffic over a concrete deck. The total width of the bridge is 49', which includes a 29'-wide roadway and a 5'-wide concrete sidewalk on each side of the bridge. The bridge's railing consists of precast concrete parapet railing incised with rectangular panels. The bridge gives passage over Town Creek, which runs in a north-south course across the town of Sulphur Springs. The history of the bridge is unknown. The design of the bridge is similar to structures that were built by Hopkins County along the Bankhead Highway through Sulphur Springs in 1916. The bridge may have been widened in the 1930s, at which time the concrete sidewalks were most likely installed. This small bridge over Town Creek is significant as an early example of a concrete slab bridge featuring parapet railing. The bridge has retained its design, materials, workmanship, location, setting, feeling, and association. The bridge meets National Register eligibility under Criterion C Engineering at the state level of significance. (TxDOT NRHP Eligibility Report)