Motel/tourist court, 208 Twelfth St E, Shamrock

Address: Motel/tourist court, 208 Twelfth St E, Shamrock

Date: c 1935

Historic Uses: Motel/tourist court

Stylistic Influences: Rustic

National Register of Historic Places: Recommended Eligible

Main Content

Originally a tourist court with a total of 14 cabins (Route 66 in Texas book). Today it has 6 rectangular-plan units and 1 L-plan unit.  The L-plan is closest to the road and has a hipped roof, attached garage with paneled roll-up door, wood-framed multi-pane sash windows, 1 round window, brick sills, rubble stone veneer.  The other 6 cabins have side-gabled roofs, single entry doors, wood-framed multi-pane sash windows, brick sills, rubble stone veneer, and attached hip-roofed carport.  Each cabin has two units.  The cabins are arranged in two rows around two grassy areas and gravel drive.  One unit (NW unit) has been re-sided in plywood and carports are missing.  All other units have carports, but some filled in. This complex had 8 cabins in 1931 and 12 cabins in 1945.

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