Restaurant, Rt 66, Glenrio

Address: Restaurant, Rt 66, Glenrio

Date: 1952

Historic Uses: Restaurant

Stylistic Influences: Moderne

Previous Designations: National Register Listed (District - Contrib.)

Other Historic Designations: 2006001258

Main Content

"Approximately 50’ west of the Texaco Gas Station is an Art Moderne-style diner built in 1952 by Joseph Brownlee. This building rests on a poured concrete foundation and has a flat roof of corrugated metal and exterior walls of concrete block. The main entrance is an original two-light and single-panel steel and glass door. The door reveals a painted sign that says, “Please Call at Ole Correll 3rd Place East—That Way”. This entrance is flanked by two original six-over-six steel and glass fixed windows that rest on concrete sills. At the corners of the main façade are concrete block extensions with curved shoulders. Adjacent to the entrance is a concrete block pier, which extends to join a curved sign panel at the roofline. This sign panel is aluminum and the painted letters “Diner” remain visible on the west and east facades. The east façade also displays a painted Mexican style sombrero and the words “Little Juarez.” Extending above the windows and door on the south, west and east elevations is a corrugated metal awning with curved corners and remnants of small light fixtures. On the east elevation are a fixed two-light steel and glass window and an eight-light steel and glass window. This façade also has an original three-panel wood door. On the north elevation are two one-over-one wood sash windows. The west elevation reveals a window that has been enclosed with concrete block and another window covered with metal panels. The interior has a concrete floor and stuccoed concrete walls and drywall ceilings. The interior is divided into two rooms with a central arched opening flanked by two arched windows between the rooms. Approximately 25’ to the southwest of the building is a steel sign erected in 1952 with three support posts and a plywood sign panel. No legible signage remains extant." (NR nomination)

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