20th Century Roads

Circa late 1920s highway signs in Montague County, photo courtesy TxDOTThroughout the 20th cenutry, roads in the United States improved dramatically, with major private and public construction initiatives and improvements in technology. Increased use by motorists, cyclists, and commercial transport led to greater need for reliable, safe road facilities. Local and federal governments all had a hand in building and maintaining the important road infrastructure. Major eras in development include:

1918 map of transcontinental highways in the U.S., courtesy Texas State Library and Archives Map Collection.














This Transcontinental Highway map dates to 1918 and shows the major routes of the early-20th century transportation network. This map is part of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) collection. Texas agencies like TSLAC and the General Land Office serve as repositories for important historical maps from all eras of Texas development.