Route 66 Maps

The 2018 survey road alignments were divided into discreet time frames of the four primary historical alignments of Route 66 across Texas, using the dates of 1926-1932, 1932-1956, 1956-1970, and 1970-1985, following major changes in the road alignments and roughly coinciding with the main periods of significance. 

  • The year 1926 is when Route 66 was officially designated a national highway.
  • The year 1932 coincides with when Route 66 was paved in its entirety. 
  • The year 1956 is when Route 66 underwent a significant rerouting in Amarillo due to expansion of the airport. 
  • The year 1970 ties into the 2002 survey’s cutoff date and relates to when extensive interstate construction was underway for I-40 in Texas.
  • The year 1985 is when Route 66 was officially decommissioned by the Texas Department of Transportation (see TxDOT Texas Highway Designation Files Search

The maps below show the areas with the four primary alignments.

Texas counties along Route 66

Communities along Route 66