2002 Route 66 Through Texas

Route 66 crosses the Texas Panhandle passing through Shamrock to Amarillo to Glenrio.

The Route 66 throughTexas Route Survey project is a comprehensive inventory of buildings, structures, objects, and sites associated with Route 66 in Texas during the national period of significance (1926-1970).  The survey area roughly follows the path of Old Route 66, now loosely associated with Interstate 40, through the Panhandle region of Texas.  The project area extends along I-40 from the Oklahoma/Texas border to the Texas/New Mexico border.  The areas of investigation include all historic alignments of Route 66.  The survey report summarizes the findings of the survey and identifies individual properties and districts that are potentially eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. 

In 2002, the Route 66 through Texas Route Survey project was prepared as part of a granting program made possible by the Route 66 Corridor Preservation Act of 1999.  The grant was administered by the National Park Service Route 66 Corridor Preservation Program in conjunction with the Texas Historical Commission and the Friends of the Texas Historical Commission.

For the history of Route 66 in Texas, please download the Route 66 through Texas Historic Context report.

Texas counties along Route 66

Carson County

Deaf Smith County

Donley County

Gray County

Potter County

Wheeler County