Museum Services Program staff conducts and works in partnership with other groups to provide training workshops on a variety of museum topics throughout the state.

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Focusing on Visitors

Thursday, June 11 and Friday, June 12
The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, Dallas

Visitors are central to our work, but how strategic and thoughtful are we in how we communicate and interact with them? How can we do a better job of engaging visitors when it comes to developing programs and exhibits in our organizations? Keeping visitors at the forefront of our thinking, participants will explore a wide range of topics including audience types, program development and planning, developing/updating exhibits, marketing, evaluation, volunteer management and training, and collaboration. Case studies and interactive activities provide fun opportunities to engage with fellow participants and our host site. Attendees will leave the workshop with information, ideas, and materials they can take back to their organizations to adapt and apply.

Learn more about and register for this workshop, presented by AASLH, or apply for a workshop scholarship (deadline is January 15).

Fact Sheet

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The Road to Great Exhibits

Resources from this workshop series can be found on this page.

"Understanding Visitors and Audiences" Workshop Resources

Pre-Workshop Assignment
Handouts on Visitors and Audiences
Presentation Slides by Erin McClelland
Articles on Millenials and Gen Z

Real Places Conference 2019 Visitor Research Presentations

Understanding Potential VIsitors and How to Get Them Through the Door by Colleen Dilenschneider
Happy Hours? Fun Runs? How to Successfully Diversify the Visitor Experience by Colleen Dilenschneider


"Writing for Impact" Workshop Resources

"Writing for Impact: Frameworks for Interpretive Writing" by Erin McClelland
Additional Resource List
"Personal Connections and the Great Cosmic Soup"
"A Practical Guide to Personal Connectivity"
"The Neuroscience of Your Brain on Fiction"
Meaningful Interpretation
Clues to a Great Story

"Selecting Strong Imagery for Interpretive Stories" Webinar Resources

"Selecting Strong Imagery for Interpretive Stories" by Erin McClelland
Resource handout

"Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion" Workshop Resources

"Learning to See Clearly: Removing Blindspots from Organizational Behavior" by Chris Taylor
Additional Resources List
Bias Self Evaluation
The Johari Window
Teaching Tolerance
White Supremacy Culture
Implicit Association Test
Incluseum Article

"Becoming a Champion for Museums" Workshop Resources

Presentation Part I: Advocacy Primer
Preservation Part II: Articulating the Case for Change
Preservation Part III: Engaging Diverse Stakeholders to Lead Change
Additional Resources List
Fast Facts: Advocacy & Lobbying
Advocacy Capacity Tool
Articulating the Case for Change: Communications Toolkit
Engaging Diverse Stakeholders to Lead Change--A Worksheet