Recent Listing: Chandor Gardens, Weatherford, Parker County

Chandor Gardens
Weatherford, Parker County

Chandor Gardens, a five-acre estate in Weatherford, Parker County, Texas, was the home and studio of English-born portrait painter Douglas Chandor and his wife Ina.  Born in 1897 and trained at the Slade School in London, Chandor came to the United States in 1926, and continued a successful career as a portrait painter for wealthy financiers, industrialists, politicians, educators, and other prominent people, including Queen Elizabeth and Winston Churchill.  The estate features a 1936 single-story eclectic residence and studio designed by Fort Worth architect Joseph Pelich, and lush Asian and English-inspired formal gardens designed and executed by Chandor up to the time of his death in 1953.   Chandor Gardens was listed in the National Register under Criterion B, in the area of Art, as the home and studio of a renowned artist whose portraits are featured prominently in collections around the world, and as a work of art itself.  The estate was also listed under Criterion C, in the areas of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, for its excellence in architectural design by Joseph Pelich, and for the quality of its formal garden setting designed by Chandor. The property was listed at the state level of significance.

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