Recent Listing: Walzem Homestead

Walzem Homestead
New Braunfels, Comal County

Listed February 2, 2018

The Walzem Homestead is located in a historically rural part of Comal County known as Mission Valley, just outside of New Braunfels. Owned by two different families between 1854 and 1933, the Walzem’s and the Rahe’s, the property an excellent representation of a German Homestead in Comal County. The district reflects early settlement patterns, as well as the important role agriculture played in the area’s early history. Encompassing approximately 83 acres, the homestead contains a house and barn constructed of limestone and unmilled wood, and other smaller resources that serve as examples of the traditional German building vernacular common across the county. The homestead was listed in the National Register under Criterion A in the areas of Exploration/Settlement and Agriculture, and under Criterion C for Architecture at the local level of significance.

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