More About Texas Archeology Month

If the history of human experience in Texas were a book, most of the pages would be blank. For all we know about human cultures, lives, and activities in Texas, many more stories of Texas’ past remain unknown and await discovery.

Each October, Texas Archeology Month (TAM) celebrates this spirit of discovery. It's an opportunity for Texans to understand the:

  • Depth and richness of our heritage, from the former dwelling sites of prehistoric hunters and gatherers to historic shipwrecks and military sites
  • Historical significance of the state's archeological sites
  • Importance of proper archeological practices
  • Contributions made by professional and avocational archeologists to our understanding of Texas’ ancient and recent past

THC Archeology Division staff support TAM events by providing printed materials and support for organizations interested in hosting TAM events around the state. 

The THC partners to organize TAM events with a number of dedicated individuals and organizations each year, the primary organizers being THC’s Texas Archeological Stewardship Network (TASN), the Texas Archeological Society, and County Historical Commissions (CHC). These organizations have been joined by various other TAM event coordinators that represent local, regional, and statewide organizations. Traditionally, TAM organizers include regional archeological and historical societies, museums, libraries, schools, and other educational institutions, along with parks, preserves, and historic sites. In addition, we also have TAM events that are hosted by professional associations, natural and cultural resource management firms, military organizations, conservancy groups, and even chambers of commerce. TAM would not be possible without our supporters and the help of our stewards who organize, promote, and facilitate much of this annual statewide event.

Free Materials for TAM Event Hosts  


A variety of printed material —TAM posters and educational brochures—are available at no charge to TAM event hosts. To request these publications, you may use the TAM materials order form, send an email request or call the Archeology Division. The brochures are also available for downloading.

Support for Your TAM Event

Are you interested in hosting a special TAM event in your community? Email us to request the guide, How to Plan and Manage an Archeology Fair. It has a wealth of helpful tips, checklists, and detailed instructions for a variety of activities. The resources have been updated, and the Supplementary Resource Guide is now available for download. 

Successful TAM events frequently involve partnerships. If you need to know where to find partners with archeological expertise in your part of the state, contact your regional AD staff archeologist for assistance.

The Council of Texas Archeologists, the nonprofit organization that serves the professional archeological community in Texas, offers a limited number of mini-grants to support TAM events. Visit their website for information and instructions.