Bandera County Courthouse – Bandera

Restored Bandera County Courthouse

This elegant 1890 Renaissance revival courthouse designed by B.F. Trester was built of native rusticated limestone.

Bandera County received an emergency Round IV grant for structural repair of the tower. An engineer's assessment of failures in both the load-bearing masonry arch above the judge's bench and the heavy timber trusses supporting the tower led to the installation of "temporary" shoring in the district courtroom in 1998. The remedial work of this project included reinforcing the tower structure, replacing the metal roof, and removal of the shoring, which was completed in March 2006.

Future restoration projects could address both the exterior and the interior, which retains a high degree of surviving historic fabric. Aluminum windows need replacing, as do electrical and mechanical systems.


Before and During Restoration

before restoration, Bandera County Courthouse  during restoration, Bandera County Courthouse