McCulloch County Courthouse – Brady

Restored McCulloch County Courthouse

The 1899 McCulloch County Courthouse was restored to its historic appearance. Previous interior modifications were reversed, most notably including the removal of a non-historic floor that was in-filled into the original two-story district courtroom.

Repairs were made to the building’s distinctive exterior stonework and a new roof was installed, matching the historic one.

New building systems were installed including ADA-compliant restrooms and elevator as well as new plumbing, electrical, communications, and HVAC systems. Throughout the restored building, historic wood floors and high, decorative metal ceilings are once again visible.

The building was rededicated on September 5, 2009.


Before and After Restoration

before restoration, McCulloch County Courthouse after restoration, McCulloch County Courthouse

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  • Exterior of the McCulloch County Courthouse. Photo: Wayne Wendel.