Current Participants

The Texas Main Street Program is a powerful network of 90 communities in the Lone Star State utilizing the Main Street Four Point Approach® to revitalize their historic downtowns and create positive economic impact. This video showcasing participants was created during 2019 as part of a campaign leading into the state programs 40th anniversary in 2020.  The spotlight was created by Chris Moore, Hillsboro Main Street Program, and Expedition Texas TV.

Many communities in the Texas network have maintained their Main Street designations for years, which indicates their continued prioritization of downtown and the effectiveness of Main Street as an economic development tool. In 2021, several programs recognize milestone anniversaries of 20 years or more. This includes Canton, Carthage and Huntsville (20 years); Greenville and La Grange (25 years); New Braunfels (30 years) and San Marcos (35 years). Additionally, Hillsboro -- one of the original programs in 1981 -- celebrates 20 years of continuous participation following their re-entry into the network in 2001. In 2021, Henderson celebrates 25 years of continuous participation following an original designation period between 1988-91.

Congratulations to our local programs who achieved, upon recommendation from the Texas Main Street Program, 2021 National Accreditation from Main Street America through successfully applying the Main Street Approach™ in their work.

 To see what communities in Texas are designated, please see the Texas Main Street Program (TMSP) contacts list (PDF). For application information, please visit the "Becoming A Main Street Community" page of this website.

Like the state itself, the currently designated 90 communities that participate in the Texas Main Street network are diverse in many ways. They range from some of the very smallest communities in Texas to urban areas and they are spread all across the state. Of the currently designated Main Street communities, 74 have less than 25,000 in population and 15 have more than 25,000 population. Together, more than 2.5 million Texans live in these Main Street communities. Effective January 1, 2021 we welcomed the City of Stephenville into the network.

The diversity of Texas Main Street Program participants provides evidence that the Four Point model used nationwide by designated programs for 40 years can work for any community with a historic downtown. A nationally-utilized operational method is implemented in designated Main Street communities to help maintain focus on the issues needing attention, but it is truly the power of the residents, all working together for this common ideal of a revitalized historic downtown that makes the program work. Volunteerism truly is the backbone of the Main Street effort. If you live in a Main Street community, we encourage you to shop local, visit your downtown and perhaps become involved in your local organization to help make your downtown something of which the whole community can be proud!