Texas Main Street FAQ

Q: How do I obtain additional information about the application process?

A: For more information on the program, contact the Texas Main Street State Coordinator, Amy Hammons or call at 512.463.5758. You may also access the application information here

Q. What is the deadline for Main Street applications?

A: The last working day of July each year.

Q. We have a downtown revitalization program in our town but are not an official Main Street city. Can we call our program "Main Street"?

A: No, the National Main Street Center has a trademark on the term "Main Street" and "Mainstreet" and Texas cities must be selected through the application process before using either of those terms.


Q. My city cannot hire a full-time Main Street manager. Can we hire someone part-time or can a volunteer do the job?

A: Volunteers are a critical component of Main Street, but the job of downtown revitalization is too big a job to expect volunteers alone to maintain and grow the effort. In the first three years of Main Street, a city must have a full-time paid manager. 

Q. If my city does not have a street named "Main" can we still apply?

A: Yes. The five categories upon which applications are scored are historic commercial fabric/identity; private sector support and organizational capacity; public commitment; physical layout allowing the creation of a Main Street district; and need.

Q. Does the Main Street program award grants?

A: No, Main Street is a self-help program. In Texas, Main Street programs receive most of their funding from local government. Many programs also seek out additional funding to supplement their budget and boost their impact. Please see this Funding a Local Program document for more information.