Post-Award Engagement


You’ve received your certificate and window decal and you are officially a Texas Treasure Business. Now what? We've come up with a few ways you can make the most of this prestigious honor. 

Pictured above: 2017 Texas Treasure Business Awardee Arkey Blue's Silver Dollar Saloon in Bandera, Texas. Year Unknown. 

Spread the Word

Now that you’re an official Texas Treasure, it’s time that other people know it as well (if they don’t already). Use these document templates to draft a media notice and press release. To be named a Texas Treasure is a press-worthy milestone and a feel-good community story that will undoubtedly attraction editorial attention, so be sure to circulate the news widely. 

Throw a Party

Many businesses choose to celebrate the award with an official ceremony or presentation. Usually, the person who initially nominated the business will take responsibility for organizing the local event. Unfortunately, the THC cannot assist in event planning, but a representative of the THC is always happy to attend and/or speak briefly if scheduling allows.

Award presentations are typically held in the community where the business maintains its headquarters. Recent presentations have taken place in a variety of locations such as: inside or outside the business; community centers; county commissioner’s monthly meetings; city council meetings; during downtown events; or at local museums.

You may want to consider the following when planning your event:

  • Offer your state senator and representative the opportunity to present the award. Contact their office staff to see if they are available and discuss potential dates and locations.
  • When scheduling the event, consults the local business or community calendar. Your event may receive greater support if it coincides with other local celebrations, commemorations, or occasions such as Preservation Month.
  • Invite local officials and/or community leaders to the event.

If you would like assistance with planning your award presentation, we can put you in touch with our partners in the Texas Heritage Trails Program who can help you organize and promote your event.

Please contact us directly to notify us about your event so we can attend or help promote it! Email event details to Mallory Laurel at

Act Your Age

Your remarkable story and this achievement are not meant to be kept secret. On the contrary, this award will likely become a source of pride for the people in your community. It can also serve to remind your community of the importance of historic preservation. To properly share this accomplishment and to celebrate the importance of honoring historic spaces, consider the following:

  • Display archival photos and other records inside your place of business. Such artifacts are a charming curiosity to patrons and can add a touch of nostalgia to the space. They’re also a good reminder that your product or service is time-tested.
  • Summarize your business history on your website. Sharing your story will help make your customers feel more connected to your business and more invested in its success. For a great example of a business that embraced its long history online, check out Texas Treasure Business Phillips Forest Products in De Kalb.  History of Shipley Donuts Printed on Inside of Packaging
  • Incorporate your historic designation everywhere. Literally. The word “historic” or a phrase like "Established 1960" go a long way on a t-shirt or baseball cap, but why stop there? Your historic significance can easily become part of your brand and logo. After all, not many businesses can say they’ve been open for at least fifty years. Doesn’t the fact that Rio Grande City's Texas Café has been around since 1939 make you want to try their famous envuletos even more? We also love Collins’ Street Bakery’s punny use of their historic status in recent marketing.
  • Display your business history on your product packaging. 2023 Texas Treasure Business, Shipley Donuts, puts their history right on the box! (see above) Try something similar on your packaging.

Pictured above: 1. 2014 Texas Treasure Business Awardee Don's Cleaners (formerly Clifton Steam & Laundry) in Clifton, Texas. 2. Business history and photograph featured on interior of Shipley Donuts packaging.