Round XI Funding Cycle

THCPP is extending the Round XI application deadline to Monday, May 11 at 5pm.

The 86th Texas Legislature has allocated $25 million for the Texas Historic Courthouse Preservation Program (THCPP) for the FY 2020-21 biennium. Round XI funding offers an opportunity for THCPP program participants to restore the historic integrity of these cherished symbols of local government while upgrading the buildings to meet modern requirements. The program may award construction grants for full restoration and rehabilitation, planning grants for developing architectural construction documents, and emergency grants to repair or prevent catastrophic damage.

The focus for this biennium is full restoration projects, not emergency grants or additional grants for projects previously funded. Eligible participants include those counties that currently have an approved Courthouse Preservation Master Plan (see list).

Below you will find a THCPP Round XI Application Guide that explains the parameters used to select and award grants for this grant cycle. Importantly, the local match required for planning and emergency grants is 30%, while a minimum 15% local match (less credits) is necessary for full restoration grants. The cumulative maximum for each county remains $6 million.

Due to complications from the COVID-19 crisis, we request that all Round XI grant applicants submit applications in digital format. In order to submit your application, please e-mail or call 512.463.8821 to request a OneDrive folder for your county. You will receive an e-mail once your folder has been created, and will be able to upload your application and all supporting files to the OneDrive folder. 

The Round XI Scoring criteria includes one new criterion related to the the applicant’s revenue capacity, otherwise the same 21 scoring criteria apply.

The Round XI Estimated Project Budget Form excel sheet MUST be used in place of the PDF from the application in order to auto-calculate some of the figures.

The Round XI Timeline Presentation expands on the application timeline.

The Comptroller's County Rates Levies provides the figures for part XVII of the application (refer to column "General Fund and Road & Bridge Taxable Value").

Also below is a link to the THCPP Round XI Application Procedures and Forms fillable document. It explains what information is needed in the application itself including background, a project description and current estimate project budget. It addition to a Full restoration grant, it may be used to request an emergency and planning grants. Please submit the Round XI Estimated Project Budget Form excel sheet (link above) in place of the budget form within the application form. 

Completed applications are due by 5pm, May 11, 2020 and awards are expected to be announced in July 2020. 

If you have questions regarding this grant cycle, please contact the program staff member assigned to your county.

Round XI Application Guide Round XI Application Procedures and Forms