THC Recommendations: CHC Basics

The initial THC Recommendations for CHCs packet was issued in 2016. The following revised recommendations were shared via the CHC listserv in 2020 to help CHCs resume activity that could be accomplished within social distancing guidelines. This revised set of recommendations highlights basic work that CHC chairs can address or delegate to fellow appointees.  

Reach Out to CHC Partners 

Fortifying your CHC’s network is essential regardless of the degree to which appointees are active. Here are ways that appointees can act now to improve relations with regional partners, county leadership, and THC staff. Consider the following recommendations.

  • Grimes CHC met at historic Anderson Park in August 2020. Contact your county officials to obtain approval for CHC activity to move forward at whatever pace appears to be appropriate and safe. CHC should clear work with the county commissioners court during these challenging times.
  • Call or email THC staff with preservation related questions.
  • Check in with appointees and verify contact information including name, address, phone number, and email address.
  • Determine which appointees are able and willing to participate in CHC activities at this time.
  • Identify local and regional preservation partners and discover ways to support history related programming, spread news, share research, etc. 

Evaluate Foundational Needs

Contribute to your organizational identity and stability by taking time to evaluate ongoing needs of the CHC and its appointees. Consider the following:

  • Brazos CHC uses the Zoom platform to hold CHC meeting in 2020. If feasible, conduct CHC meetings. Be sure to adhere to Open Meetings Act and social distancing parameters that have been established by the Texas Attorney General’s Office. COVID-related and remote meetings directives are offered here.
  • Ask appointees to view online THC orientation video and review associated web material located here. Take advantage of this free, online training material!
  • Review CHC bylaws. Most CHCs have this type of document in place. However, bylaws are not required nor are they mentioned in CHC statutes. Address attendance clauses that may need revisions to allow flexibility for pandemic conditions. Be sure to share final document with appointees. THC staff does not review/approve bylaws but does provide general bylaw comments here