TTBA Gets a Tune-Up


Ebensburger in front of new CadillacWe're excited to finally reveal some of the improvements we've been fine-tuning for some time! Our hope is that these changes will make the process of nominating a business much smoother, and help us collect better information to share a more meaningful glimpse into the labor that goes into keeping a business in operation for fifty years.

The following changes will go into effect on January 1, 2022. 

  1. We're trying out deadlines! We will now accept nominations four times a year. Quarterly deadlines will guarantee faster, more efficient processing behind the scenes. 
  2. We're getting personal! We've added new, more thoughtful questions to the form, such as How has the industry changed since you first opened? or How is your business a reflection of your community? Our goal is as much about preserving your remarkable story and sharing it with the public as it is about honoring this great achievement, so help us tell your story. 
  3. We're engaging our THC partners! We know it can be difficult to source the necessary archival documentation that proves your business' founding date. That's why we want to connect you with our THC partners in your region who can help you find the information you need. Just contact our offices directly and we'll put you in touch with the folks in your community who can help. 
  4. We're doing more with your stories! Besides including more of your incredible stories in our newsletters and social media, we also hope to use things like digital mapping and interactive storytelling to innovate how we preserve your local history. More on this in 2022....