TTBA Presentation Event Planning FAQ

Award recipients and their sponsors will be honored by a presentation of a certificate in a suitable location determined by the recipient and the nominating party. For more information we have provided the following Presentation Event Planning FAQs.


Q. Who designates the award?

A. The Texas Historical Commission (THC) is authorized by the Texas Legislature to honor businesses that have existed in this state providing employment and supporting the Texas economy for 50 years or more with the Texas Treasure Business Award. Award certificates are signed by your state senator and representative, the THC chair and executive director. 

Q. Who plans award presentations?

A. Award presentations are most often planned by the nominating party whether that is the business, a local organization or the office of a senator or representative. The Texas Historical Commission (THC) does not plan award presentations but hopes to have an announcement on the floor of the Senate and the House during legislative session every two years that will list the recipients of this award during the previous biennium.

Q. What’s right for you?

A. Award presentations take many forms and are planned by agreement of all parties including elected officials, the business, the nominator, and involved community groups.

Q How do I request THC participation?

A. A representative of the THC is always happy to participate if scheduling allows. Please complete and return the Presentation Event Notification form 4-8 weeks prior to your event. 

Q. Who is involved in scheduling an event?

A. Scheduling an event takes collaborative planning. You may want to consider the following:

  • Offer your state senator and representative the opportunity to present the award. Contact their office staff to see if they are available and discuss potential dates and locations.

  • Coordinate scheduling with the business and the community calendar. Your event may receive greater support if planned to coincide with other local celebrations, commemorations, statewide, or national programs such as Preservation Month.

  • Contact local officials, community leaders or groups that will be included in the event.

  • Check the THC website calendar for agency or regional events scheduled in the area.

  • If the THC is notified of the event we will pass the information on to participants in the Texas Main Street Program, Certified Local Government, County Historical Commission, and Texas Heritage Trails Program as appropriate.

Q. Where will the presentation event take place?

A. Public presentations are typically held in the community where the business maintains its headquarters although other arrangements may be considered. Recent presentations have taken place in a variety of locations such as:

  • A press event outside a business front door in downtown.

  • In a community center followed by a reception.

  • Inside the business building.

  • At the county commissioner’s monthly meeting or a city council meeting.

  • At the State Capitol, planned by a representative’s office.

  • On a stage during a music festival in a historic town square.

  • In a historic building restored by the architecture firm receiving the award.

  • In the county historical museum.

Q. Should invitations be sent?

A. The THC does not provide invitations. Many events happen without invitations. Some are planned with digital invitations sent electronically. Some event planners rely on word of mouth and media exposure and some have professionally designed announcements. 

Q. Is a program necessary?

A. Just like invitations, having a program is a choice the event planner makes. If all the following entities are in attendance, most often the mayor or city official will act as master of ceremonies, a THC representative will talk briefly about the award program, and state elected officials will present the award. If the nominator is an organization such as Main Street, the County Historical Commission, an economic development corporation or the chamber of commerce, they will often provide remarks on the history of the business or businesses.

Q. How is the media invited?

A.  When an award is designated, two templates are provided in the award packet to assist with a Media Advisory and Press Release. The Media Advisory alerts your media contacts ahead of time about the upcoming event by providing the basic information of who, what, when, and where. The Press Release for distribution the day of the event provides a story on the event with spaces for participant quotes. Both templates may be adapted for your specific needs.

Q. What about photographs?

A. Determine when photos should be taken either during the presentation or immediately following. Plan who will be responsible for taking the photos and how they will be distributed to media channels. The THC appreciates receiving event photos that include the names of those pictured and will include them in our social media posts whenever possible.

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For more information about the Texas Treasure Business Award, please contact Mallory Laurel at or 512-463-3893.