Acton State Historic Site

The grave site of Elizabeth Crockett. Elizabeth Crockett's headstone. Statute of Elizabeth Crockett. Visitors view Acton State Historic Site.

Acton Cemetery
FM 167
Acton, TX 76049 


Map to Acton's location

In the small town of Acton, five miles outside of Granbury, a statue of Elizabeth Crockett appears to be looking for her husband in the distance. Towering over Acton Cemetery, this regal monument marks the burial site of Davy Crockett's second wife, Elizabeth, who died in 1860 at the age of 72. Today, Acton State Historic Site, a Texas Historical Commission property, continues to preserve and pay tribute to the widow of one of the nation's most celebrated folk heroes.

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Visitor Information

The gravesite of Elizabeth Crockett is located near the center of Acton Cemetery. Gravel paths run throughout the cemetery, but there is no path that leads directly to the site. Wayfinding signs help to direct visitors to the gravesite.

At the site, visitors will find the statue of Crockett and an interpretive sign that provides additional information. Please note that a visitors center and restrooms are not available at the cemetery.

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