Monument Hill State Historic Site

414 State Loop 92
La Grange, TX 78945-5733


The monument marks the tomb of the men that died during the Dawson Massacre of September 1842 and the ill-fated Mier expedition of November 1842, also known as the “black bean” incident. Nearby citizens reinterred their remains here in a common tomb so that they can be honored for their sacrifice. The site is now marked by a 1936 Centennial monument.

In 1849, German immigrant Heinrich Ludwig Kreische purchased 172 acres of land including the Dawson/Mier tomb, now known as Monument Hill. Master stonemason Kreische built a three-story house for his family. In the 1860s, he utilized the spring water from the ravine below his house and started one of the first commercial breweries in Texas. Walk the ruins of this once bustling brewery and envision how Fayette County citizens would come and enjoy a pint of Kreische’s Bluff Beer while looking out towards the beautiful Texas landscape. The Kreische Brewery and home are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

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June 10

Crafting up with the Kreisches:19th Century Handicrafts

In 19th century Texas, before the mass production of everyday items, making your own traditional handicrafts at home was a common occurrence for rural families, and though it was predominantly done for practical purposes, often the product ...

June 17

"Bluff" Games: Gambling and Gaming in German Texan Culture

German Texans in La Grange and all around the German belt loved to gather for a good time, and often played for luck and chance in casino halls and vereine meetings. Learn about the types of gaming that would have been played within German...

July 1

Ich bin ein Amerikaner: A History of Independence Day on the Bluff

Learn more about the celebrations of the Independence Day on the Bluff. Activities include 4th of July themed tours, ice cream making, a crafty activity, and more. Details to follow.

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