County Historical Commission Outreach

County Historical Commissions (CHC) play a vital role in statewide efforts to save Texas history. To honor this service, THC created the CHC Outreach Program.

We support CHCs across the state that manage and complete preservation projects. At left, the historic Rockdale Depot, one of many historic sites that Milam CHC continues to support and promote. 

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County Historical Commission volunteer hours for 2019 year of service

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CHCs are Positive and Proactive Organizations

Van Zandt CHC gathers to celebrate their accomplishments.If you're involved in Texas preservation efforts, you probably have worked with CHCs. There are more than 200 active CHCs in Texas. Individual CHCs are made up of non-paid, county-appointed individuals. They are preservation leaders for their county and a primary point of contact for the THC when discussing local preservation matters. To our knowledge no other state has this type of extensive, county government network in place. 

Often appointed to consecutive terms, CHC appointees continue to serve year after year because they are passionate volunteers who take pride in their heritage. The most productive CHCs initiate positive preservation activities that engage their county and their region.

It is important to keep in mind that CHCs vary in size and workload, which affects the number and type of projects pursued by each CHC. The capacity of a CHC depends on the amount of monetary and in-kind support, input of county officials, appointee skillsets, and appointee interests. Seasoned CHC appointees are a valuable reference resources for county history and wonderful partners for area organizations. 

THC's CHC Outreach Program 

The CHC Outreach Program creates opportunities for each CHC to build the capacity of its appointees, programs, and the organization as a whole. Created in April 2008, CHC Outreach provides a host of services to individual appointees, CHC chairs, county officials, and CHC partner organizations. Initially, the program was set up with the following goals.

  • Educate CHCs through training and technical assistance
  • Promote CHC achievements to county officials and the public
  • Expand CHC partnership and communication network
  • Provide recommendations to county officials regarding CHCs
  • Empower CHC appointees to be local preservation leaders

Over the years, CHC Outreach staff have refined these goals and now provide an extensive range of educational material and practical recommendations on this website. Access the hyperlinks noted on the right gutter of this webpage to learn more about how THC supports CHCs and how THC staff work directly with CHC appointees. 



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