Contact a CHC

County Historical Commission (CHC) Chairs serve as the first point of contact for CHC related inquiries. Contact information for CHC Chairs is taken from appointee rosters submitted by the county/CHC to the THC. This information changes frequently, and Outreach staff make every effort to provide the most up to date list. If a county is missing from the list, that means Outreach staff did not receive contact information from the county/CHC. To speak with a member of a CHC not included in the list, contact the County Judge's office.

CHC Chair Contact Information UPDATED MAY 10, 2023

Frequently Contacted THC Programs for CHCs

CHC Outreach staff also provides a list of THC staff contacts for programs that are frequently used by CHCs. Staff names, program affiliations, and telephone numbers are provided at the link below. A complete list of THC staff can be found on the "ABOUT US" tab at the top of this webpage. 

THC Staff Short-List UPDATED OCT 2022