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To preserve historic and cultural resources, we must first know they exist. Architectural and archeological surveys identify significant properties in neighborhoods, communities, and entire counties. Published inventories of such sites can be indispensable in raising a community's awareness of its cultural heritage and in its planning efforts. The most important resources identified through surveys have potential for state and national landmark designation. Moreover, the information and photographs generated by a survey create an irreplaceable record of the present state of that heritage.




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CLG grant funds awarded from 2010 to 2013 for historic resources surveys

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THC Survey Photo Files

The Texas Historical Commission partnered with the University of North Texas to scan the black-and-white photographs in the THC Survey Library that were taken by THC staff in the 1970-80s.  These are now available through the Portal to Texas History website at THC Historic Resources Survey Collection and include over 25,000 images.

Other THC photograph collections available through the Portal to Texas History:



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