About the Historic Resources Survey Program

To preserve historic and cultural resources, we must first know they exist. Architectural and archeological surveys identify significant properties in neighborhoods, communities and entire counties. Published inventories of such sites can be indispensable in raising a community's awareness of its cultural heritage and in its planning efforts. The most important resources identified through surveys have potential for state and national landmark designation. Moreover, the information and photographs generated by a survey create an irreplaceable record of the present state of that heritage.

The Texas Historic Sites Inventory forms a central archive for local survey efforts throughout the state. The inventory contains information, photographs and negatives on more than 100,000 historic resources in Texas. Information on above-ground structures that are a part of the Historic Sites Inventory can also be accessed through the Texas Historic Sites Atlas.

Through the coordination and sponsorship of numerous regional, county and local surveys, the THC has gathered survey data for 40 years. This data is used for preservation planning efforts and is available to researchers. There are still large portions of Texas yet to be surveyed. Additionally, updates to existing surveys are necessary to keep current information on file. We are constantly striving to expand our survey data holdings.

The THC’s Survey Coordinator is responsible for maintaining survey files, as well as encouraging survey activity statewide.  For additional information on a local historic and cultural resource survey in your community, or to utilize our survey files, contact the Survey Coordinator.

THC Historic Resources Survey Packet

THC staff created a free Historic Resources Survey Packet that is available to anyone interested in conducting a historic resources survey. The Packet includes all of the presentations and documents listed on the Useful Survey Tools webpage in addition to the THC-designed Access database survey template. The Packet is available for download upon request. To request a download link, please contact leslie.wolfenden@thc.texas.gov.