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*December 30, 2019 - This year's 2020 Marker Application Cycle has been postponed until further notice. The Marker Team will not accept marker applications at this time. We are still in the process of searching for a new foundry to cast our markers. As soon as a foundry is chosen, we will post the new Application Period Dates as well as new applications for 2020 markers on this webpage once we know what the new production cost and schedule will be. Please continue to check this webpage for updates.

The historical marker process in Texas begins at the county level. After you have reviewed all the relevant information on this page, contact your county historical commission chair if you are interested in submitting an application.

Please note that applying for a marker is highly competitive, all required components must be included when submitting an application. See Marker Toolkit for more information on how to apply. The entire process of application submission to marker dedication is very long, most applications take 12-18 months. 

In May, the Texas Historical Commission received the unexpected news that the owners of Southwell Company, the business that has produced our historical markers for more than fifty years, sold their firm. The Texas Historical Commission is searching for a vendor that can accept the volume of markers ordered annually, develop a quality product, and create and deliver markers in a reasonable amount of time. The agency must follow state guidelines and processes in selecting a new vendor. A Request for Proposals (RFP) has been posted. You may view the RFP at:

In the meantime, applicants can gather the additional documents that are required with the marker application (please see table below). Once collected, these documents may be submitted to your local County Historical Commission for a pre-review of the application materials.


The following applications will be available in Word doc and pdf format. Note that Attachment A for Owner's Permission is now available.


Please note that all marker applications must be approved and submitted by your county historical commission chair or marker chair to  


HTC Name & Date Plaque Applications (accepted year round)

An Historic Texas Cemetery designation is a pre-requisite for a cemetery marker. If your cemetery has been designated as historic through our Cemetery Preservation program and you wish to purchase a non-interpretive historical plaque, then you can submit the form below.

HTC Medallion


Note: For an interpretive historical marker for the cemetery, please submit an HTC Application during the regular Fall application period (see section above to download HTC Marker Application when available).


HTC Name & Date Plaque

(Applications will be uploaded as soon as possible, please check this webpage for further updates.)

HTC Medallion with Name & Date Plaque Application (Word doc)

HTC Medallion with Name & Date Plaque Application (PDF)

SAMPLE HTC Medallion with Name & Date Plaque Application (Word doc)



Marker program staff are offering several online webinars explaining the marker research and application process through the summer and fall of 2018. Look here for a list of dates and times for these training opportunities.


Helpful Tools for Markers

Marker Toolkit 

Training and Workshops

Family Home of George T. Briscoe, Devine, Medina Co.

Marker Research Guides

Marker Toolbox


Marker Program Policies, Forms and Procedures

Marker Types (PDF)

Marker Statewide Themes/Topics (PDF)

2020 Historical Markers Program Work Plan (PDF)

Official Texas Historical Marker Procedures (PDF) (for new marker applications)

Scoring Criteria (PDF)

Official Texas Historical Marker Policies (PDF) (for existing and new markers)

For an outline of the basic steps of the marker application process, please see this Marker Process Timeline(PDF).