Texas Archeology Month

2016 TAM Festival at the Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory in Austin, Texas.

The 2018 Texas Archeology Month Online Calendar of Events  is now posted! Go take a look and start planning your Texas Archeology Month!

We are still accepting event submissions for 2018!  Hosts and organizers are encouraged to submit their information using the 2018 Texas Archeology Month Event Form for inclusion in this year's online TAM Calendar.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the TAM Coordinator, Casey Hanson at 512.463.5915 or Casey.Hanson@thc.texas.gov

If the history of human experience in Texas were a book, most of the pages would be blank. For all we know about human cultures, lives, and activities in Texas, many more stories of Texas’ past remain unknown and await discovery.

Each October, Texas Archeology Month (TAM) celebrates this spirit of discovery. It's an opportunity for Texans to understand the:

  • Depth and richness of our heritage, from the former dwelling sites of prehistoric hunters and gatherers to historic shipwrecks and military sites
  • Historical significance of the state's archeological sites
  • Importance of proper archeological practices
  • Contributions made by professional and avocational archeologists to our understanding of Texas’ ancient and recent past

The Texas Historical Commission (THC) is proud to sponsor TAM in association with the Texas Archeological Society and the Council of Texas Archeologists (CTA). This year, the CTA will offer up to five small grants to finance public education and outreach programs during TAM. Information on how to apply can be found at TAM Grants on the CTA website. 

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Texas Archeological Awareness Week was expanded to a month-long observance due to growth in popularity

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"First Texans" Paleoindian Points Poster Available for TAM 2018!

The 2017 TAM Poster featuring the lithic technology of the First Texans  is now available.  Order this poster, past posters, brochures, calendars, and other materials for your TAM event using the TAM Materials Order Form

2018 TAM Event Calendar

The 2018 Online TAM Calendar of Events is now posted!  We are still accepting submissions for TAM 2018.  Please use the 2018 TAM Event Form to submit your event information for inclusion in this year's online TAM Calendar!


Texas Archeology Month

Texas Archeology Month is a month-long celebration of Texas’ archeological heritage observed each October. Numerous organizations and institutions host public events to heighten awareness and appreciation of this heritage in communities across the state. Special TAM events may include:

  • Demonstrations of native crafts and technologies
  • Lectures on archeological topics
  • Special education exhibits that focus on archeological sites or subjects
  • Tours of archeological sites, laboratories, or exhibits
  • Hands-on activities, such as mock digs and ceramic pot making

Texas Archeology Month Calendar of Events

The THC’s Archeology Division compiles information about each year’s TAM events in order to produce the online TAM Calendar of Events. To see the range of events in communities large and small across Texas, visit the TAM 2017 Calendar of Events webpage or download a PDF version. Each year, the calendar is posted in August and updated bi-weekly through late September. 

TAM 2018 hosts and organizers are encouraged to submit their 2018 TAM event information for inclusion in this year's online TAM Calendar. The calendar will be updated periodically throughout the month of October so be sure to submit details about your event!

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  • Chris Ringstaff and Robert Lassen explain lithic technology at 2017 TAM fair at TARL.