Texas Archeology Month

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Each October, Texas Archeology Month (TAM) celebrates the spirit of discovering Texas' past.

It's an opportunity for Texans to understand the:

  • Depth and richness of our heritage, from the former dwelling sites of prehistoric hunters and gatherers to historic shipwrecks and military sites
  • Historical significance of the state's archeological sites
  • Importance of proper archeological practices
  • Contributions made by professional and avocational archeologists to our understanding of Texas’ ancient and recent past

TAM Goes Virtual for 2020!

Given the pandemic, TAM will look quite different this year. The THC is working to reorganize TAM for it to be safer and more accessible for people interested throughout the state by promoting and facilitating virtual events through our website. These may take the form of videos, virtual tours, online exhibits lectures, webinars, demonstrations, roundtable discussions, and even hands-on activities for kids. Participants will submit information and content, which will then be promoted through our TAM "portal," so users can access a variety of activities and events from a single website. Stay tuned for more details, event form, ideas, and best practices. In the meantime, we are open to ideas, questions, and suggestions. Please contact TAM Coordinator Maggie Moore at Maggie.Moore@thc.texas.gov.

Thank you for your patience as the THC works to continue to the tradition of TAM!

The Texas Historical Commission (THC) is proud to sponsor TAM in association with the Texas Archeological Society and the Council of Texas Archeologists (CTA). Each year, the CTA will offers grants (up to $500 each) to finance public education and outreach programs during TAM. Information on how to apply can be found at CTA Public Outreach Grants on the CTA website. 

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70 separate Texas Archeology Month events held in 40 communities in 38 counties.

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