Texas Heritage Trails


The Texas Heritage Trails Program (THTP) is the Texas Historical Commission's award-winning heritage tourism initiative. This economic development initiative encourages communities, heritage regions, and the state to partner and promote Texas' historic and cultural resources. These successful local preservation efforts, combined with statewide marketing of heritage regions as tourism destinations, increase visitation to cultural and historic sites, and bring more dollars to Texas communities. This, in turn, supports the THC's mission to protect and preserve the state's historic and prehistoric resources for the use, education, economic benefit, and enjoyment of present and future generations.

What Do the Texas Heritage Trail Regions Do?

Each heritage region works to forge local tourism partnerships and support the region's attractions by developing its own unique blend of programs and promotions. Regions offer many opportunities to become involved in the program. While each region provides different service offerings, all regions can help you:

  • List your heritage sites, attractions, and events on TexasTimeTravel.com
  • Share your stories at heritage education events developed for regional partners
  • Network with other heritage tourism professionals in your region
  • Participate as a co-op partner in travel and trade shows across the state
  • Participate in co-op advertising in Texas-targeted travel publications
  • Volunteer to serve on a project task force or the regional board of directors

If you're curious about how the Texas Heritage Trails Program got its start, you can learn more about the regional heritage tourism initiative here.



$3.2 million

Regional cash contributions supporting the Texas Heritage Trails Program

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