Landmark Inn State Historic Site

Landmark Inn Historic Landmark Inn Landmark Inn presents interactive programs for families and students Pumpkin pie class Living Historians during our annual Pioneer Day Event Dam built in 1854 to power the mill Landmark Inn exhibit Texas Frontier Family Day Fisherman by dam below highway bridge

402 E. Florence St.
Castroville, TX 78009


Driving map to Landmark Inn.

Landmark Inn tells the story of migration, industry, and preservation in Texas on the banks of the Medina River in the historic town of Castroville, known as "The Little Alsace of Texas." The site is a unique part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Area. Castroville, planned in 1844 as an exurb of San Antonio, is just one day’s wagon ride west (today just 25 minutes by car). 

Upcoming Events

April 8

World War I and World War II in Castroville

Join us to learn about the impact World War I and World War II had on Castroville as a town, and how it changed the Landmark Inn. 

April 22

Landmark Inn Nature Walk

Join us for a Nature Walk around the Landmark Inn grounds to learn more about the area and Landmark Inn as a whole. 

May 10

Women of Landmark Inn Webinar

Join us for a look into the Women of Landmark Inn and the impact they had on Landmark and the town of Castroville. Spanning from 1840 to 1970. 


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