Landmark Inn State Historic Site

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402 E. Florence St.
Castroville, TX 78009
GPS: N29° 21' 18.3" W98° 52' 28.7"


Driving map to Landmark Inn.

Landmark Inn tells the story of Alsatian settlement and early commerce in Texas on the banks of the Medina River in the historic town of Castroville. The site is a unique part of the San Antonio Metropolitan Area. Landmark Inn State Historic Site preserves the migration, commercial, and industrial history of Castroville, planned in 1844 as an exurb of San Antonio, just one day’s wagon ride west (today just 25 minutes by car). 

Upcoming Events

September 28

Salting Food

How did you keep food before modern refrigerators? Discuss the age-old food preservation method of salting food. Experience salted basil and preserve more for winter.

Visitors should wear comfortable clothing and shoes and bring sunscreen...

October 19

Tavern Macabre

Presented by the Friends of Landmark Inn.

Revel with historically attired Amanda's "A Man's a Man" Band for an evening of 1850s songs, merriment, and spirits. Medina River Winery will host a cash bar featuring several wines. Heavenly Q...

November 8

Pioneer Days - School Field Trip Day

On Friday, November 8, 2019, Landmark Inn State Historic Site presents Pioneer Days School Field Trip Day. Students will learn stories from the past at exciting exhibits that all ages will love including surveying, spinning, open fire cooking,...

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