Researching Roads and Roadside Architecture

Roads and highways connect our communities and are landmarks to the state's development, natural geographical features, and history. To learn more about the development of our transportation network, dive into our History of Texas Roads feature.

Historic highways are not just about the roadways, but also about the gas stations, drive-in theaters, bus stations, tourist courts and motels, diners, signage and much more.  Below are useful publications about these topics.

The Development of Highways in Texas: A Historic Context of the Bankhead Highway and Other Historic Named Highways (36 MB)

Historic Road Infrastructure of Texas 1866-1965 (National Register MPS, 11 MB)

Physical Evolution of Named Highways in Texas (7 MB)

National Register Evaluation Criteria for Road-related Resources (11 MB)

Road-related Property Types (18 MB, table format) For all road-related property types, use the Road-related Property Types table. However, if you are interested in a particular property type, see below for the extracted pages.

A Field Guide to Gas Stations in Texas (updated 2016; 35 MB)

A Guide to the Research and Documentation of Historic Bridges in Texas (6 MB) For more information about bridges in Texas, please go to our Historic Bridges in Texas webpage.

Historic-age Motels in Texas from the 1950s to the 1970s: An Annotated Guide to Selected Studies (8 MB)

A Field Guide to Industrial Properties in Texas (14 MB)

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